The Collective was formed

The Global Collective began in 2009 when Sug. (pronounced like "Sugar") O’Shen began collaborating with artists and adventurers from around the world.  After traveling the globe for 20 years participating in, and producing, works of art that reflected the beauty of each country's unique bodies of water, Sug. wanted to capture more than just a painted interpretation of global experiences.  Sug. wanted to take a physical piece of each experience and incorporate it into unique art pieces that carry with them a piece of this beautiful planet.  Over the years deep friendships were formed with artists, gallery owners, sculptors, curators, magazine editors, auction houses, the famous, the infamous and the still to be determined.  For Sug. it has never been about the global fame and recognition that has been received but rather about being a part of something bigger and more meaningful, and giving back.  That something is The Global Collective. 

Water Connects us all

Sug. receives vials of water from international artists and world travelers from around the globe. These vials consist of oceans, lakes, streams and even geysers from their travels.  Identified only by a GPS coordinate and a personal story that they share with Sug., it is then immortalized into unique artworks reflecting the artist, their story and their location.  Sug. has worked with scores of people in the art world over the years from every corner of the globe all having different backgrounds, styles and stories. The Collective has become a way for people to contribute to a piece of art and have a deep personal connection to the work that only they know they are a part of.  Connecting art, water and travel through has a unique way of connecting all of us. Whether you have already made a memory at a location that is represented by a piece in the Collective or it represents a place that you one day dream to visit, it is your unique connection to the Global Collective. 

Giving Back THrough The Global COllective

Your Cause

What is your organization of choice? Sug. O’Shen creates a series of original artwork for ocean and water causes using samples of water sent to her by people within these organizations. These original series of work are then used as a way to help raise funds and awareness for their causes through art. Contact Sug. to discuss how you can use art and water from your cause as a way to educate, raise awareness and raise funds for your organization.

Sug. O'Shen gives back more than 10% of all sales to ocean causes each year a passion shared by all in the collective.

A cause we currently would like to help with is Ocean Conservancy. There are select artworks designated for this cause which 10% of the sale of each piece will be donated to. You can learn more about this great organization here,

Sug. O’Shen is also currently working on a project with the Everglades Foundation for 2019 creating a series of artworks using Everglades water to help raise awareness and funds. You can learn more about this great organization here,