Actual USPS approved vial you will receive along with simple instructions.

Actual USPS approved vial you will receive along with simple instructions.

Photography and Alcohol Ink commissions

Do you have a special image that you would love to become the background of a unique alcohol ink and global water piece of art? The end result of this type of commission is simply stunning and deeply personal to you. Send in an image or portrait along with a vial of water from your special place and your photograph becomes the canvas of an amazing work of art. The alcohol ink and water create stunning effects and colors that overlap and cover the photograph allowing for just enough to come through creating a very personal piece. It can be an image of your wedding party, your fav selfie, a random picture that you find amazing and it will be printed on to Yupo paper and used as the canvas.

Mallorca commission. Water from Giancarlo and Finny Ricci’s honeymoon.

Your water, your special place, your one-of-a-kind unique commission

Everyone has their own personal connection to places in this world and stories to go along with that special experience. What if you could take home a piece of your favorite destination or vacation immortalized into a stunning work of art. Sug. O’Shen offers unique artwork using ocean water from around the globe that allows you to take home your special piece of this beautiful planet.

Where have you been? Where do you want to go?

Do you have a special place that you would like to collect water from and then watch it become a beautiful, one of a kind piece of art? Unique to you, your commissioned piece can be placed in your home for all to see and share stories about your journey or vacation. Request a vial. The water sent and the art that is created with it then becomes your special connection to the global collective.

Photography/Ink commission. Image of wave in Oahu sent in by Pete Kahele


A unique, one of a kind custom work will be created from the information you provide. You can also include a vial of water from your special location. Commissions take between 2-4 weeks depending on Sug’s travel schedule. Commissions can be requested by completing this form.

Once the commission request below has been submitted Sug will contact you via email to confirm receipt and arrange a phone conversation. If you don’t know some of the details that are asked below, no worries, its a start. What is required is your name, email add, and phone number plus some details in the “Additional Info” box are helpful to start the conversation. More details will be discussed once we speak. Once details have been discussed, if you will be providing water a plastic hinged cap, USPS approved vial will be sent to you.

Welcome to the collective

Name *
You will only be contacted via phone once you have received confirmation from Sug. and have scheduled a phone conversation to discuss your commission request in detail.
Name of body of water and Province, Country, City or State where located.
Frame Color
Size includes frame
Will you be providing water from the source?
If so, a vial will be sent to you for collection.
Shipping or Pick Up
Please feel free to provide any further details or information you would like to share with Sug. below regarding your requested commission. Ie: Custom size, color scheme, shapes, background images, etc.