A Unique Special Event Keepsake Your Clients Will Always Remember

Award winning artist Sug. O’Shen creates unique Destination Wedding and Special Event artwork with ocean and lake water (provided by your clients), professional photography and alcohol ink creating a unique keepsake of your client’s experience and a positive, creative return for your business. Your clients are entrusting you with the very delicate and important task of immortalizing a moment for them. They will cherish the photographs and memories of that special event for a lifetime. What if they could take home a piece of their special event that was created with water from that day? I create artwork with water from luxury locations all over the world for clients with water that has been sent to me from the most beautiful resorts, beaches and coastlines you can imagine.

Created with water from St. Barths

Created with water from St. Barths

The Process

Clients collect their water with a special USPS approved vial that I send to them. The client or photographer will send an email with a high resolution image they would like to be transformed into their unique artwork and used as the canvas. I use the water received and mix it directly into my inks to create each piece. By working with photographers and event planners, together we are able to offer a unique keepsake to your clients allowing them to cherish the beautiful moment you have created in a unique blend of fine art and professional photography that your client has actually participated in creating.

Created with water from Montauk, NY

Sug. created a beautiful piece of art for our 56th Wedding Anniversary. My husband and I collected the water from Surf City during our vacation. We sent it to Sug along with our favorite picture. The artwork created from our water and photo is priceless, stunning and so incredibly meaningful.
— Sharon and Robert, North Carolina

Gallery Before and After

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Sug. O’Shen Paints with The Sea

A Creative Partnership.

Creating artwork with professional photography, location water, and alcohol ink gives your clients a unique opportunity to physically take home a piece of their special day. The photograph becomes the canvas for this very meaningful piece of art. Whether it is a destination wedding, an anniversary or a family vacation, if there is ocean, lake or water from a special place of any kind along with a photograph, your clients become an active part of preserving a great memory.

Created with water from Key West

Preserving Exceptional Experiences

Collecting the water in itself has become a special event for clients. People have taken photographs while collecting the water, have invited friends and family to be a part of collecting the water and have even paddled out to sea together to collect their water. Knowing they are a part of the creative process makes the artwork and the days special event even more memorable.

Robert and Sharon 56th Wedding Anniversary Surf City, NC

Robert and Sharon 56th Wedding Anniversary Surf City, NC

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