A Unique Destination Keepsake Your Guests Will Always Remember

Sug. O’Shen creates unique “Luxury Location” Fine Art reproductions and original artwork using ocean water from luxury destinations and beaches around the globe that allow your guests to take home a special keepsake of their experience and create a positive, creative return for your resort.

Your guest’s have their own personal connection to your resort. They take home memories of their experience that last a lifetime. What if they could take home a piece of your luxury destination that was created with water from your resort’s beaches as a one-of-a-kind “Luxury Location” keepsake? I create custom artworks with ocean water and alcohol ink for luxury locations all over the world with water that has been sent to me from the most beautiful resorts, beaches and coastlines. Resorts offer “Luxury Location” Fine Art Prints as unique souvenirs for their guests, as a personalized gift for special events or as a one-of-a-kind keep sake to remind your guests of their destination wedding.

Sug. created two amazing originals for our new resort in the Bahamas. We have them on display in the welcome area and usually before we hear “hello” from our guests they compliment the artwork. We have purchased 400+ prints in the past two years for our guests who absolutely covet them.
— David Sklar, CEO - STAR Island Bahamas
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Sug. O’Shen Paints with The Sea

Preserving Luxury Resort Experiences

Give your guests the opportunity to take home a unique fine art print from an original that was created with your destination’s ocean water. This unique keepsake becomes a unique memory that they hang in their home or office and then share their experience year round with friends and co-workers.

With “Luxury Location” fine art reproductions your guests can own a unique, one-of-a-kind special piece of your luxury destination and be reminded of their special experience every time they see their fine art reproduction of your resort’s unique artwork.

STAR Island Bahamas

Working with Luxury Resorts: The Creative Partnership.

Sug. O’Shen will send you USPS approved vials to use to collect your resorts water. An original artwork will be created using your resorts ocean or coastal water that was received. This original artwork is created for your resort compliments of Sug. O’Shen with no obligation to purchase the original. “Luxury Location” Fine Art Prints will then be created for your resort on demand in minimum quantities and shipped to you for retail or guest gifting.

Fine Art Prints are 11” x 14” in total size. They are professionally packaged and produced with a 3” archival gallery mat and art board backing. Each print comes “ready-to-frame” in sealed, clear sleeves which allow for easy packing in luggage or carry-on’s to take home. Marketing brochures about your resort can be included in your “Luxury Location” fine art print’s packaging. For more information please contact Sug. directly by submitting the form below.

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