Welcome to The Global Collective of Sug. O’Shen. 

Medium: Alcohol ink, charcoal, mixed media, water from the source on Yupo

Sug. receives vials of water from oceans, lakes, streams and geysers from almost every continent along with a story from adventurers and international artists from around the globe. Sug. mixes this water directly into the inks used in each piece interpreting the stories shared and the waters location by creating striking, unique artworks.  Each piece created includes the actual water received and is identified by a GPS coordinate from where the water originated.  Connecting people and their travels through global art has a unique way of connecting all of us.

90 Degrees North, 90 Degrees South

The Collective has become a way for people to contribute to a piece of art and have a deep personal connection to the work that only they know they are a part of.  Sug. creates a meaningful, global connection for people by using art, water and travel which has a unique way of connecting us all. Sug. O'Shen gives back more than 10% of all sales to ocean causes each year. Whether you have already made a memory at a location that is represented by a piece in the Collective or it represents a place that you one day dream to visit, that is your unique connection to the Global Collective. 

Giving Back Through The Global Collective

The Everglades Foundation Coming January 2019! Sug. O’Shen and The Everglades Foundation team up to help raise awareness and funds to restore and protect the Everglades. 30 new artworks will be created using water directly from the Everglades. A special link will be dedicated to the project where all artwork will be on display and available to collectors. A portion of each sale will go directly to The Everglades Foundation. More details to come.

Your Cause What is your organization of choice? Sug. O’Shen creates a series of original artwork for ocean and water causes using samples of water sent to her by people within these organizations. These original series of work are then used as a way to help raise funds and awareness for their causes through art. Contact Sug. to discuss how you can use art and water from your cause as a way to educate, raise awareness and raise funds for your organization. collective@sug-oshen.com

Ocean Conservancy Sug. O'Shen Global Collective donates 10% of sales from designated artwork to Ocean Conservancy a cause and passion shared by all of the global collective.